Monday, 1 April 2013

The Magic of Ash Gill

The setting sun illuminates the leading edge of an overhanging drift along the eastern side of Ash Gill
Ash Gill is directly opposite Pry House on the other side the River Swale.  It is a constant source of fascination to me.  Although it is about half a mile a way it often appears much closer to the house.  The tricks the light plays on the gill are so startling that when I first came to live at Pry House it used to make me jump. The late afternoon or early evening sunlight magnifies the gill to such an extent that it appears to be right outside the front window!  It is extraordinary. 
When such strange happenings occur right in front of your eyes it is easy to see how folklore and fairy tales came about as a way of explanation.  In reality, no wizardry or witchcraft here, just the light playing strange games with the mind. Pity really, it would much more fun if there was genuine mystery and magic in the hills. 

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