Saturday, 27 April 2013

More farming pics and funny weather

Friday 26th April late aftenoon.
We have managed to turn out a few ewes and lambs onto Home Field.  In late afternoon, early evening the lambs often gather together and race and chase before settling down for the night close to their mums. 
This little gang are getting ready to run off and play
Playing hide and seek.  Their mums went crazy!

Half an hour later and everything changed.  April showers are not meant to be snow showers and it certainly wasn't funny for Chris setting off to go round his lambing fields.

It was a nasty shower and quickly whitened up the hills.

Saturday 27th April.
Chris brings two bales of straw up to the buildings at Pry House.  Its better morning although there has been a frost and its cold.   All these sheep indoors make a lot of work, need a lot of bedding and eat a lot of food!  Chris is in the Darlington & Stockton Times newspaper today talking about the effects the long winter and last year's poor summer is having on the sheep.  Photos in my next blog. 
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