Thursday, 19 November 2020

Winter Walks in Swaledale

 Walking in Winter

Looking east towards Low Row from Crackpot

There are some things in Swaledale that never change no matter what time of year you visit.  The scenery is always breathtaking, the quality of the air is unrivalled, there's space enough for everyone and peace & quiet for all.

 During autumn and winter the dozens of waterfalls to be discovered are more spellbinding than ever.  Heavy rain swells every stream and riverlet sending torrents of water over the falls.


Autumn, a favourite of many, brings a myriad of ochres, oranges, russets and tans. Crunchy underfoot and clear skies above, clean air and quiet lanes, Swaledale in autumn is wonderful place to be.

Another fascinating feature of winter days is watching the mist race along the fell tops, ribbon its way along the valley bottoms and rise from the river.

 But if you are really lucky your winter break with us will herald a fall of snow.  When it snows at the head of the dale anything can happen!  It can fall deep and crisp and even ......

or it can blow into alien shapes, drift against doors or white out windows!


Winter in Swaledale - its a wonderful time of year. Wrap up warm, take a hot flask and head out for an invigorating walk.  Stretch the muscles and clear the mind before returning to supper by a warm, welcoming fire.


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