Saturday, 11 April 2020

Swaledale Memories to make you Smile!

A trip down Swaledale Memory Lane

A few days ago I asked Pry House Farm B&B guests, my Shepherd's Hut guests and anyone who had stayed at Hillcrest Cottage for photographs and recollections of special times spent in Swaledale.  My idea is to share your photos here on my blog, on my Facebook pages and in my e-newsletter with the hope that they will bring a smile, jog a memory and trigger conversation about happy times in Yorkshire.  I have had some lovely responses and its been a real pleasure to see the farm, the cottage and the dales through someone else's eyes other than my own. 

Looking up towards Pry House Farm from Hoggarths camping field taken by Lisa who has been camping at Hoggarths for longer than I dare mention!

Sue Nichol, the Staithes Artist September 2019
'I was visiting The Shepherd’s Hut so I could be around to meet and greet at my solo show at The Old School Gallery in Muker and also to take in Muker Show. I loved staying in the Hut. The views are to die for and so quiet!'  

Will there be a Muker Show this year?  Who knows?  September is a long way off yet so we must keep our fingers crossed and stay positive.  In farming our cup is always half full.  'What of', I hear you ask?  Yorkshire tea of course! 

The last people to stay at Hillcrest were Heather and Barry who sadly had to cut their visit to the cottage short in March.  They went home early because as the situation got worse they knew it was the right thing to do.  Like many people Heather & Barry have been to Hillcrest many times and  already reserved their chosen week for 2021. 

On the fells above Low Row.       Betty the basset watching the world go by in the garden at Hillcrest.

As we have started lambing only today I have finished with a photo of one of my regualar Pry House Farm guests bottle feeding a lamb.  Small lambs like these often need a top up.  I shall miss putting my bed & breakfast guests to use this lambing time!

I have lots more photos and stories to share with you so watch out for more posts like this.  If you have photographs I can use online please send them to  I'd love to see them and love to hear from you too. 
Thanks to Donna, Rachel and Jane for the last 3 photos.  Take care and stay safe.

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