Tuesday, 29 January 2019

Even a flock of only two need looking after

Its the first very wintry day of the year and Heidi and Hetty are hungry.

Its been snowing quite hard, its windy and squally but still my herdwick sheep are not sure
about going inside the cowus even though their hay is in there.

 So I tempt them in by laying a sugar beet trail

 In all relationships there's leaders and followers with some braver than others ...

and in this case its generally Heidi.

 Looking back and I can see no sign of either of them.  
People think sheep are stupid but that is far from the truth.  They can seek out shelter in the worst weather.  They will wait till there is no sign of danger (and that includes me even though I feed them) before going into the building and risk being trapped.  But they want that hay.  
When I go back tomorrow every scrap will be gone! 

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