Sunday, 26 August 2018

Keld to Muker - a fabulous walk with children

Children love a map.  They love having a list of things to find.  They love exciting places to explore.  The 'Showing You the Way .... Keld to Muker - a Children's Guide has everything needed to stimulate imagination and spark interest in the great outdoors.  I have copies at Pry House Farm B&B or pick one up in the Keld Countryside & Heritage Centre


Ruben and Fergus (9 years) studying the map at the start of the walk in Keld where the Pennine Way and the Coast to Coast path meets.

Before we set off we called at Rukin's Tearoom in Keld village for supplies and sweets in a stripey bag - essential kit for explorers of all ages.

It wasn't long before we came across the first of two magnificent waterfalls.

Here we are standing in front of  East Gill Falls and a little further along the path searching for the entrance to a disused lead mine called Landy Level.  It has now sunken and looks more like a fox hole or a tiny cave.  If you are on the path earlier in the year, before the bracken has grown, it is easier to find.

At the bottom of Swinner Gill the remains of Beldi lead mining buildings are too exciting not to explore. The stream can be crossed by footbridge or paddled through.  When the weather is really hot the pool below is a fabulous place to swim.  In the second photo Fergus and Ruben and I are looking round an old abandoned farmhouse called Crackpot Hall.  Find an old fireplace, a tin bath, a stairwell and landing window.  What must it have been like to live here with no electricity, no running water, no road?

There are three different illustrated walks leaflets in the children's series.  
This is what Fergus and Ruben had to say about their walk.  'Great walk from Keld to Muker.  We loved following the map and finding all the things especially the tractor skeleton.  We think Auntie Glenda is the best teacher of all things Swaledale!  We can't wait to do the next walk'.

If you are in Swaledale with your children or grandchildren please pick up a walk leaflet and be your children's guide.  Its great fun.

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