Tuesday 7 November 2017

Six EBTAS Cowhouse Walking Booklets & A Children's Cowus Circular Walk leaflet

The Yorkshire Dales National Park's project Every Barn Cow'us Tells A Story
is almost at completion. The project has its own blog http://everybarn.yorkshiredales.org.uk/blog/
where you can follow the whole story and learn loads & loads about cowhouses.

A boxed set of six walking booklets has been produced, each chosen to highlight and explain the importance of the dozens of little stone buildings (Cowhouses) that are visible from every public footpath in Muker parish.

 They have been distributed to accommodation providers in the area.  Here, a regular guest at Pry House Farm B&B is deciding which walk he will choose to explore.

Alongside the grown-up version is Showing You the Way ....... from Muker to Thwaite,
 a children's circular cowhouse trail which was created with the help of children 
living in Muker Parish.  

 There are two other Showing You the Way ........ children's guided walk leaflets;  Keld to Muker and Keld to Angram (circular walk) both of which can be used in conjuction with the EBTAS booklets although, as children's walks, they are a bit shorter. 
All three Showing You the Way leaflets are available in the Keld Countryside & Heritage Centre 
and hopefully by 2018 in the National Park Centre - Hudson House, Reeth.

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