Friday, 19 May 2017

Turning back to the Moor

Lambing has finally finished.  The last two Pry sheep lambed this morning.  
Its time now to turn the ewes with a single lamb back to the moor.

Its a good feeling to see them returning to their heft.  
The ewes lead their lambs along the same sheep tracks that they themselves were shown as lambs-at-foot two, three & four years earlier and in so doing begin to establish the hefted instinct in their new female lambs.

 Clearly some of our ewes are very experienced at this process.  
This ewe is older than most.  She has been kept, rather than sold as a three shear, for reasons I don't know but it is plain to see that she is a good mother; nuturing, guiding and fussing over her lamb.

They are soon far away; spreading out, finding their place out in the vast open fell which is the Swaledale's natural home.

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  1. Beautiful and Thanks for this blog Mrs Glenda "Rebanks" ;-)