Sunday 26 March 2017

Counting Cow Houses

Counting Cow Houses

As part of the Yorkshire Dales National Park project, Every Barn Tells a Story, 
I have been asked to look into the possibility of creating a children's guided walk leaflet 
to highlight the cowus'es in Muker Parish. 

I walked the path out of Muker towards Kisdon.  It was the most perfect March day imaginable; 
wall to wall sunshine, the bluest of skies and not a breathe of wind. 

I soon realised there was far too many Cow Houses to comfortably count.  There are dozens and dozens of them, as far as the eye can see and in every direction.  So I decided to concentrate on the ones closest to the path.

At Kisdon Houses instead of walking forward and over the hill to Keld ....

...... turn left and follow the Pennine Way to Thwaite.

The Cowus'es come in every shape and size and some like this one 
really take your breath away.
Whilst taking a break from exploring I noticed someone else taking in the view!

 In parts the path is rough and here the water crosses, possibly deliberately damned 
to form a water place for sheep and cattle.

 After negotiating the steep, rough and narrow sheep track through the heather moor, 
drop down into Thwaite, turn left .......
...... and follow Straw Beck along the valley bottom crossing over 
the prettiest little bridge you have ever seen.
 And still more Cow Houses! 
 This was one of my favourites - 
such a sweet little building complete with shelter wall.
And finally back to Muker village.  
Is this a cowus attached to the cottage or some other type of farm building?  
Something for me to find out.  And how many Cow Houses were there?
Come and find out for yourself.  You'll need more than ten fingers and ten toes!! 

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  1. What lovely pictures for a March day. We have walked your described route on more than one occasion and think we recognize some of the sites.