Monday, 4 May 2015

The Tale of Tiny Titch

Eleven days ago one of our sheep produced triplets.  One of them was very small, his name is Tiny Titch and I hand reared him for eight days. When he was three days old his mother was turned out into the field with her two bigger and stronger lambs.  Tiny Titch was left on his own in the pet lamb pen.  Luckily we had one or two sheep with a lot of milk so I was able to feed him with a drop of the 'proper stuff' rather than the powered milk we usually mix up for pet lambs.  He went through a bad patch at four days old when he suddenly lost the use of his back legs and was unable to stand.  It did not look good but miraculously one afternoon he struggled to his feet and although it took him a while to regain co-ordination he has made a complete recovery. 
Three days ago the ewe in the photo had twins but lost one and she has adopted Tiny Titch.  She is a very quiet sheep and accepted him straight away.  
Life is looking up for Tiny Titch! 


  1. Thumbs up for Tiny Titch
    and..... Glenda ����
    Because if it wasn't for her.... Tiny Titch would be....

  2. The emoji's don't work the way they should
    My previous comment included a "thumbs up - pic"