Sunday, 27 April 2014

Lots to do at Lambing Time

Lambing time is probably the busiest time in the farming calendar.  It is also the only time of year I can be of any help to Chris as there is lots of jobs to do and lots of ways I can lend a hand.
This morning we had a bit of a clear out in the building and turned out, into the fields, several ewes and lambs.  And there's more to it than just opening the building doors .............

Every lamb, both male and female, is given a paint mark that matches that of its mother.
The gimmer lambs (female) all have a special mark cut into their left ear.  It soon heals (no worse than an ear piercing) and provides a form of identification that shows they belong to the Pry House flock.

The ewes are also thoroughly checked over before going out into the field with their young.  This one is having her feet trimmed as overgrown horn can cause foot rot and lameness.

When Chris is satisfied both are okay they are turned out into the field.  The ewes graze on the sweet, new grass and raise their offspring and the lambs learn how to become part of the flock.
These lambs have been out in the field for several days now and are getting more independent and spending 'playtime' away from their mums.  They form little groups and race and play together.  This type of socialising teaches the lambs that they are part of the flock.

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