Monday, 3 June 2013

Lapwing Chicks & Curlew Fledglings

Two days ago the four smooth, mottled-brown lapwing eggs hatched into a nest full of fluffy feathers.  Lapwing chicks take between 28 - 30 days to incubate because the chicks hatch out fully feathered and ready to leave the nest.  Lest than 24 hours later the nest was empty.  I caught a quick glimpse of the chicks in the grass but couldn't get a photograph of them.  They have gone now; Mrs Lapwing having taken them out of the field, away from predators and people with cameras!

We also had a group of Curlew fledglings on the home field quite close to the house.  It was a horrible cold, wet & windy day and they just huddled together, some crouching some standing.  They did look funny, almost prehistoric, still quite small but with long beaks and black beady eyes.  No photograph, I'm afraid.  Another reason why I need a decent camera.

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