Sunday, 17 February 2013

Technology Traumas & Tantrums

Just when I was happy, confident (or as confident as I will ever be in front of a keyboard) and comfortable with my computer it died.  I now have a new one and it is fabulous but it sure knows how to give me a headache!  This morning I was ready to chuck it and revert back to pen & paper, scissors and glue.  I have finally worked out how to transfer photos from my camera, hence the new posts on this blog but still haven't been able to load my printer.   Its so frustrating.

Consequently like waiting for a bus, I am adding three new posts at once!  Hopefully there should be lots more news from Pry House Farm in the near future.  This week all the in-lamb sheep will be scanned and then it a few weeks it will be lambing time.  Stay tuned!

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