Saturday, 26 May 2012

What a difference a week makes

 We have had a six days of gorgeous weather; blue skies and sunshine from dawn till dusk. Exactly a week today I looked out onto this very field with dismay.  It was as bare as our stone floor, no sign of new growth other than a few pathetic looking daisies tightly closed against the bitter cold wind.  Then two days later everything changed; the sun shone and the air was warm and the grass started to grow before our very eyes.  The flowers are now opening and the whole field has taken on a golden glow as the buttercups wave in the breeze. 

We have almost finished lambing, just a handful of stragglers left.  The sheep that have lambed are doing much better and at last, on these peaceful, balmy evenings the lambs in the pastures race and chase and play games.  Long may this wonderful weather continue. 
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