Friday, 27 April 2012

Lambing Time Progress Report

It has been the worst lambing weather for many, many years.  I'm sure regular readers of my blog must think we're obsessed with the weather but it is so crucial to our way of life.  The thing about lambing is that it happens regardless.  Nothing and nobody can hold it back.  It doesn't matter how cold the wind blows or how heavy the rain lashes, when they are ready to be born it happens!    Our sheep are lambing hard, particularly the twins; we had three pairs born in the building through the night. Fortunately they hadn't got mixed up and each ewe had her own set of twins.  But where are we to put them?  By midnight last night we had 24 pens set up, each containing a ewe & her twin lambs.  Early this morning when Chris set off around his lambing fields it was snowing but now at 9 a.m.the sun is shining and hopefully we can turn quite a few of our 'penned up' little families out into the sheltered fields by the river.  I'll keep you posted!

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