Monday, 26 March 2012

Sizzling Swaledale!

Well, its been another simply glorious day with wall to wall sunshine and the bluest of skies.  Its unheard of to be farming in shirt sleeves and shoes in March instead of the usual wellies and waterproofs.  We are busy getting ready for lambing.  The building was cleared of cows a few days ago, cleaned out and bedded up for sheep.  We have just started to bring the in-lamb ewes back from the lowland farms where they have spent the winter.  Normally this is an anxious time as the sheep adjust to the colder, windier, harsher climate up here, but not this year.  Chris is keeping a close eye on one or two of them that are heavy with twins but the majority are in very good shape.  At the beginning of next week several hundred more will come home.  Some will go indoors but most go back onto the moor including the hoggs (young sheep born last year).  We start lambing around 12th April.  I'll keep you all posted with lots of photos too. 

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