Sunday, 15 January 2012

Where there's muck, there's GRASS!!

We have had several frosty nights and the fields are white and hard.  The air is sharp and still and the landscape takes on a new beauty in the winter sunshine.  These are ideal conditions for getting onto the land with machinery so this morning the cows were put outside for some fresh air, the buildings were cleaned out and the muck spread on the fields.  Once the building is finished, fresh straw bedding is laid and the cows are let back.  They are pretty hungry by now and quickly tuck into a new bale of silage.

The use of artificial fertiliser is restricted on our meadows so instead we feed our grass the traditional way using organic cow manure.  This natural fertiliser helps produce young sweet grass for the sheep during lambing time and then later in the year a flower & herb rich meadow crop that we make into hay.

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